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Personal Chefs’ Culinary Wars – 5 award winning chefs put our taste buds to test

Chef Lidia – artichoke soup topped with crisp fried lentils We could list all of Lidia experience and accomplishments before we talk about her food, but really, you should just get on to reading about her food. Once you taste her food, you won’t have any doubts about her talent. We started with an amuse-bouche…
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Personal Chef’s Culinary Wars – Tina VS Dan VS Terry VS Sandra

Tina’s ugly food You know that feeling when you meet a person and you can just feel their warm energy and you immediately feel comfortable? In her own words, Tina prefers ugly food. It’s not that the things that she cooks aren’t amazingly flavorful (because they are) or that her food literally looks unappealing (because…
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