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The Case for Fat: When you Shouldn’t Skimp

Personal and private chefs are expected to provide many things at once: convenience, fresh ingredients, flavorful meals, and, increasingly, healthy ones to boot. The problem? Healthy means something different for everyone and for some, it means low-fat  and nonfat meals. And while there are countless ways to cut fat in everything from hearty dinner entrees…
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The Whole Beef: Why you Should Cook with Organ Meats

Most personal and private chefs think that making the best selection of meat often is the most expensive. For steak, the most prized are t-bones, tenderloins, Filet Mignon, New York Strip, and prime rib. But should we start questioning if we’re always getting “the best“? There is a correlation between the desire for these cuts…
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Cut Cleaning Time in Half with these Kitchen Hacks

In the UK, it’s an industry worth over one billion pounds annually.  It also accounts for an average of five hours time per household per week. It’s not a leisure activity, like a hobby or sport, and for most, it wouldn’t be considered a source of entertainment.  It doesn’t pay the bills, either. Cleaning and…
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