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Eat Your Veggies

Mardi from the Brooklyn Fork & Spoon Supper Club and Bethany did an amazing job – girls power. We started with a cap of 12 people and it took only a few days to fill up the seats. It took off! 24 people were attending the event and we had a really good time with…
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Culinary History: Why it Matters (Spotlight on Asparagus)

Thomas Jefferson is known for many things: a Founding Father of the United States, a key drafter of the Declaration of Independence, and as the third President of our nation. What is less known is another significant but rather obscure contribution to our society: His influence on our culinary heritage. Or rather, the influence of…
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Vegetarian for Meat Lovers: No Meat, No Problem

Located on fourth street in the heart of San Francisco, Cockscomb is a meat lover’s paradise. The menu, which play homage to the “culinary heritage and diversity” of the city, is especially known for its exemplary butcher meats and offal. A look at the dinner menu reveals innovative delights, from fresh seafood with pig skin…
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